Arduino Parsing for Occurrence of String from Serial Port

The Plan

For the next phase of my project, I will need to parse incoming text from the ESP8266 over a serial port and do something if I find some key words.  I started trying to dive straight in with my auto start ESP8266 server code and trying to parse responses from remote client but ended using a lot of time rebooting and starting up the client TTY session.  I got smarter and decided to just see if I can parse from the serial port from the PC.

The Implementation

Concept is simple.

  1. Read a string from the serial port
  2. Check if there is an occurrence of a certain string within the string.
  3. Do something like toggle an IO that blinks an LED.

Would be easy in C+ or Visual Basic but same commands do not exist for Arduino.  After some searching around various forums that came close to what I was looking for, I stumbled onto the function needed at the Arduino reference page.  Now that I found them, it is quite simple.  The two key finds were:

Once I found these, the code was very trivial.

The Code

#include <string.h>

void setup(){

void loop(){
 String IncomingString="";
 char SingleChar;
 boolean StringReady = false;

 while (Serial.available()) 
   StringReady= true; 
 if (StringReady){
   Serial.println("Received String: " + IncomingString); 
   if (IncomingString.indexOf("key") != -1) {
     Serial.println("I found 'key' in there");


void BlinkLED(int LEDPin, int NumberOfBlinks, int OnDuration)
 for (int x=1; x <= NumberOfBlinks ; x ++){

2 thoughts on “Arduino Parsing for Occurrence of String from Serial Port

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