This is Peter Chang’s blog of fun tech projects that I am working on. ¬†Originally started as a way to share the engineering process with my 12 year old son.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi sir,

    I’m working on a parking controller app. How do I transfer live video using bluetooth module HC06 (or equivalent) to android mobile (using MIT App Inventor)?


    • Vijay,

      From my experience with MIT App Inventor, streaming live video would not be possible over bluetooth. There is no AppInventor functionality for streaming video that I have seen at this time. I have done some streaming over Wifi or cellular network connection by using the WebViewer component that is just pointing to a web page with streaming video. Unfortunately I don’t think AppInventor’s BT components would be able to create network connection to be able to use that approach. It can only send and receive raw bytes or text.



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